A Feast For Your Senses


A Feast For Your Senses

We created a different kind of digital agency.

Flavor Fusion Fest 2021 combines food, arts, crafts, music, entertainment, and the opportunity to be part of history by establishing the WORLD RECORD for the Largest Serving of Mangú.


Flavor Fusion Fest is an organization that champions, promotes, supports and celebrates the art of culinary experiences that bring people together.

our network

Consists of world renowned executive chefs, food lovers and cooking enthusiasts who are unified by a common and contagious passion for unique culinary experiences.

the main event

Our largest initiative is our annual festival which offers the perfect combination of place, people and food that result in an identity unlike any other in the world.


The team of chefs has envisioned a giant mold of the silhouette of the Dominican Republic, to be used as the container where this traditional dish will be presented.

It will be made of stainless steel and will be designed by architect José Báez Liberata of BJCM Engineers Architects Builders. The mold will have an area of 12.85 m2 with dimensions ranging from 3.95 to 6.95 m2 linear meters, and a capacity to contain 1,200 lbs. of mangú.

It will feature a double bottom made exclusively for resistance heating systems and will be segmented into 5 individual parts for easier assembly and transportation.

All Star Team

Flavor Fusion Fest will attempt to break the world record for the largest Mangú serving ever!

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